Fem realitat el casament dels vostres somnis! Treballem al vostre costat, des del primer instant, per cuidar i materialitzar totes les idees, pensades i personalitzades per a vosaltres, per crear un dia únic i inoblidable.
Wedding planners, organització, decoració, disseny gràfic, coordinació, celebracions infantils, anviersaris, renovació de vots, esdeveniments per a empreses
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Natural-born organizing. I love having everything under control, and anything escapes me. I am a person of great challenges. Lover of good wine and travelling. To me the cosmopolitan New York and the romantic Paris are essential cities. In the list of my next destination there are the Dead Sea and Australia. In winter I just need the sofa, my blanket and a good scaring movie (with a big bowl of popcorn) and in summer an island and a cool beer! White, pink and green Tiffany are my favourite colours. In a wedding there can miss neither love nor lacking good cheer and of course, the little details that make it different. If I had to get married again I would not hesitate having a rustic and vintage wedding, but of My Day, I would not change anything!.


Dreamer and creative. Passionate for good ideas and the work and effort to achieve them. Perfectionist and meticulous. The best moments are those that make you lose track of time when you are in good company. I love surprises, new experiences, and the spontaneity of people and situations. I am curious to know what is happening in the world so I drench myself with ideas and new trends. I love discovering new places, from non-footsteps beaches by humans to cities with streets full of tourists. In the list of nearby places I would like to visit there are Berlin and Iceland. Every moment has its music and colour. Rock, disco, white, pink. I like the handmade, baking cookies and brownies, and running. Weddings cannot miss the excitement, the smiles and the details that make them wonderful. A wedding is a moment everyone keeps inside themselves.